Core Commercial is pleased and proud to be the recipient of the 2019 Consumer Choice Award for commercial real estate!

Core Commercial Real Estate


Consumers and Businesses in your city have selected your business as the 2019 Consumer Choice Award recipient in the category of Real Estate – Commercial.

Consumers are always searching for the best businesses in their cities, and in addition to making the claim your company has the option to market that fact, using Consumer Choice Award’s Seal of Approval, and the various marketing programs that are exclusively available to the winners of our award. The Consumer Choice Award seal of approval is well recognized and respected. It lets your current and future customers know that they are dealing with a company who cares deeply about their products, services and clients. There is no greater differentiator available to you today.

To ensure you were chosen with a fair and unbiased process, our selection process relies on data from multiple, reliable sources that produce the most up-to-date research results. You can rest assured that you were chosen on the merits and reputation of your company within your community.

As a Consumer Choice Award Winner, you are now part of an exclusive group of companies recognized as one of the best businesses in Canada!

Congratulations and Welcome to the Winners’ Circle!

Jack McFadden Simone Constantin
President Market Development Manager

Consumer Choice Awards

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