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Truman begins construction
Monday, 26 February 2018

the office component of the project will most likely be constructed mid-stream of the entire development and will be a campus-style area of space.

Truman begins construction of Calgary's West District  Calgary-based developer and builder Truman Development Corp has begun construction of its master-planned community in the southwest part of the city that will feature a Central Park, a main street, almost 1.7 million square feet of office and retail space and thousands of new homes spread across a 100 acre site.  

"There's about 1.295 million square feet of office space which will be brought on, obviously, when things turn around but in the later phases.  And we have about 382,000 square feet of retail" said Trulina. 

Trulina said the office component of the project will most likely be constructed mid-stream of the entire development and will be a campus-style area of space.

The family-owned Truman company has been building in Calgary and surrounding areas for more than 35 years.

Mario Toneguzzi , Writer based in Calgary has 37 years of experience as a daily newspaper writer, columnist and editor.

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What does this mean for you, the tenant? 

  • CORE Commercial Real Estate does not represent landlords, nor do they have a vested interest in placing you into any particular building.   Not every business wants or needs to be located in downtown Calgary.  We will be watching this new development with great interest.
  • We are focused on meeting your needs and can assist YOU in your negotiations for leasing that perfect space for your business.
  • Let us know your requirements for that perfect office space and we will ensure we consider all office spaces, new and existing. 
  • Remember, we charge the landlord to exclusively represent YOU! 
  • Work with us to negotiate solely on your behalf.   

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